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Real Estate- Only lucrative investment option for NRIs

Welcome Home! Are you a Non Residential Indian returning home? Or are you a Non Residential Indian looking forward to invest for your future? Then surely, you are at right place!

Indian property market is growing rapidly along with its economy and so is the interest of investors. In the last five years, property prices in India have observed significant appreciation rate. But identifying the right market place can be a great challenge.

Property Pointer Pvt. Ltd. is your one stop shop, who can guide you through, by providing excellent NRI services.

Main features of our NRI Services:

Our NRI section is specially trained to cater the prime needs of its NRI clients. Buying property involves lots of legal issues as well as risk factors. In circumstances where NRI investors have become just a pawn in the hands of developers, we can prove to be your only reliable source of information. When it comes to investment apart from the property there are lots of other things that must be studied, like price trend, existing infrastructure readiness, social infrastructure and commercial demand of the area, etc. Property Pointer experts will show you all the best available options for NRI investments. Let’s walk through our special NRI services:

Our relationship is not only limited till buying the property, we will also extend our support when you want to rent, manage or sell your property. Happy Buying!!!